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Girls of Pakistan with their ”growing Darkness”

In the race of 3rd world countries,Pakistan has a prominent name .It is a country which is known for its poverty,illiteracy,terrorism,social problems and much more like that .It doesn’t mean Pakistan is not a progressing country ,it doesn’t produce Hero,it doesn’t mean Pakistan is not giving world most talented people.Many of Pakistani are serving in other countries and getting a very good fame but it worth somewhere not as whole.

As far as Pakistan is concerned,it is country with so many historical buildings and natural beauty packed so beautifully that a traveler hardly can imagine it.It is very much sure for me that no one could deny the beauty and historical background of my country.

I also can’t deny that my country’s traditions and customs are so enchanting and charming ,everyone from abroad enjoys it a lot.

The wedding traditions and its rituals are very attractive and eye catching.

Its historical building depicts the Mughal art so beautifully that you can’t wait to applause it.

Badshahi Mosque Lahore

From Cultural point of view ,Pakistan has a deep stamp of Arabics,Afghans,British and many other nations which passed by this area.Also Pakistani culture is deeply inclined towards Hindus ,may be after so much living side by side they effect us or any other mean but it is.It is because of this that there is not much difference between Pakistan and India ‘s cultural and religious views.Indian are also very moved by their religion as so Pakistani are.

After brief view of Pakistan, I m now able to start a step towards my Topic ” Girls of Pakistan with their growing darkness”.

What is women?

Women is a same creation of God as men.God created a women to complete this universe.God created a women to support and carry a family.God bestow a women with so much of emotional power.God bestow a women to bear more pain than a men,when she gave birth she bear the pain as much as 20 bones broken at the same instant.God gifted her with a delicate body and structure,You all know :” world’s costly items are most delicate and fragile”

From these all claims and clues ,you can guess better that you can’t deny her presence,you can’t refuse her life purpose,you can’t dominate her,you can’t tag her ”Useless”.

Women’s Lap:-

From Adams to us ,generation after generation produced by mothers,women,reared by mothers,women.As Napoleon said: ” Give me Educated mothers , i will give You Educated nation.” So i think women has a great effect on society,even more than a men.You son will act like you more rather his father,now it is up to you how you feed his mind.Because I mother could change the thinking of whole family,but she don’t realize it.The Great Hero of this world also rear in their mother’s lap but there was difference in you and them.

”All children are same! It is only the difference in their laps which make them either Hero or Zero.”

Haya khan

women lap is power ..use this power!


Pakistani women:-

Pakistani women are attributively free from most task that other countries’ women do but she has certain very serious problems.As Pakistan is an Islamic country so working women is not appreciated much.Middle class people thinks that marrying to a working lady means to break up the family and to ruin their culture and respect.

As I depicted that Pakistani people thinks that working other than home for a women is harm they also consider that Education is also a way for a women to get astray from her duties and culture .So Education is not important for a women ,After all she just has to look after kitchen and children.

There is a certain issue behind higher education of girls of Pakistan which i ‘m gonna discuss in detail.

• Girl’s Independance

• Love affairs of Girl

•Girl’s resistance not to get marry

As i am discussing Pakistan’s issues about girl’s education,these all are considered to be most important even though these problems have no roots in international view.

Girl’s Independence:-

Pakistani parents don’t want their daughter to get educated because they thinks that education give their daughter independence, to question the wrong rituals that are destroying the lives of so many girls all around.An independence to question their Chaudharys about their cruel attitude towards the women of whole village.This courage is appreciable but it has deep harms also.because questioning chaudharys is considered to be a sin. It has capital punishment.Whole family will be sentenced to death so happening this to one family restrict millions of girls not to get educated.

Love Affairs of Girl:-

Pakistan has a certain culture in which love marriage is a taboo, it is considered not only bad but also a curse.So the girl studying in universities got indulge in some guy and wants to get marry to him.She will have so many hurdle in this path. As soon as her family got know about it. Immediately,they married her with some wild goose without knowing her likeness.Exceptionally,if she got successful in marrying desired guy,Every problem she will got in her life consider to be because of that ”love marriage”.And A love married couple has no respect in society ,everyone curse them that” these stupids ruin the respect of their parents.Also for parents, It’s a sort of insult and everyone in their where about taunt on their girl’s acts and their acts . Because of this reason,Parent don’t allow their daughter to the universities.

Girl’s resistance not to get marry:-

Educated girls don’t want to get marry so early as their parents want.She thinks that her career is more important than marriage . People consider it to be a sort of selfishness and they taunt her about it.it is a hard time for a girl to stay at her goal. If she stay at her goal people her that it is a harm of education that girl don’t obey their parent.so parent don’t want their dominance to get low so they don’t let their girl be educated.

These issues are deeply rooted in Pakistan’s societies and women are fighting through it.

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Haya Khan.

MY STORY…..The girl of Heaven Moving in hell!

After so much of competition between the cells in my mother’s womb I won to come in this world.The world of cry, the world laughter,the world of war, the world of peace,the world of cruelty,the world of kindness.

Arrival to this world:

Image result for raped sad girl pics

when i was just born ,i know i had been cry had .I don’t know why .May be due to separation of heaven .May be due to arrival to a new place.So when I opened my eyes I was lying in a hospital ward and Nurses around me talking about me that:

”The Holyshit! her mother got away! how cruel and merciless she is!

I was then moved to nursery where i spend my days of life like other children there.After 5 to 6 days i was moved to a Adoption center .This is the place where I spend 4 years of my lucky life.

New Home:

I was living in adoption center very happily.People came there daily almost but most of them are in search of boys and i was not been attend by anyones.when i was celebrating 1st birthday there came a couple who wants to adopt a baby girl .They saw me ,my caretaker was very happy that someone is there to adopt me but they found someone younger than me .So I remained there where i should be.It is often quoted that:

” God estimated a right time for every happening so no one could change it or dare to change it”

cultural quotation.

Days were passing like cattle moving in meadows.when i was 4 years old ,I got so much to have interaction with every staff member and they all laugh at my crazy little chuckles .One day,a storm happened to pass my life and i got away from my beloveds.

I was adopted by an old rich couple.They were rich and kind.I fell in love with them within months.we used to go to picnic ,parties,festivals,everywhere.we were a complete family when the villain of my life and family.My Father ‘s nephew,he came to us in summer and by next summer i was the only one rescued .He raped me ,he killed my father and mother .He want the property which father don’t wanna give him.

on the night when he murdered my parents ,he told me he will me also i moved from that place ,running blindly ,reached a haunted place renowned in that area . I spent 50 nights there.People started thinking me Ghost.It was hardest time of my life .I used to come in homes of people in nights to steal eatables.The killer was behind me i had no refugee .

Then i moved to a pub and bars where I spending my life.I would rather only say this :” life is a roller coaster of tears and worries ,take sometime to make yourself strong otherwise you would be made to suffer without a cause” also:” Value yourself and be brave to live a respectful life otherwise this world would make you to lick the dust.”

Story of a call girl…even she was afraid to share it .

Regards :haya khan

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